Sunday, 16 September 2012

Ham n Cheese Puffs

I have developed a re-liking for puffs!It started with a veg puff with potato filling which are rather   common at most coffee shops and bakeries! It reminded me of good old college days when a veg puff or a samosa with a cup of coffee would be a favorite in college cafeteria with all the friends!!

Ham n Cheese puffs are easy and can be made in minutes to snack upon!The covering of these puffs is crisp and light and the filling has assorted cheese and ham with a hint of mustard.A classic combination!

The idea of making puffs came from here! Shabnam is a friend and a fellow blogger who has travelled around the world !

Makes 4
4 Filo sheets
1/2 cup Assorted Cheese I used cheddar and gouda
Honey Mustard Dressing ..1T honey,1t mustard and 1/2t vinegar
250 gms Ham
1 egg

Heat the oven at 180 C.

Spread a sheet on a flat surface.Cut the sheet into 3 inch squares and butter all of them and stack 3 sheets on one top of the other.

Spread a layer of honey-mustard dressing on the filo sheets.
Layer out chopped ham slice over the honey-mustard leaving an inch on each side uncovered.
Spread the grated assorted cheese evenly over the ham. 
Fold the sheet into triangles twice over.

Make egg wash by whisking a teaspoon of water into the egg and brush the top of the  triangles and place them over on a baking sheet.
Bake it for 10-12 minutes till they turn golden brown.


  1. Wow Excellent recipes...Keep giving your awesome recipes..Your just too awesome..I think i am your new fan:)♥God bless ya.