Sunday, 18 March 2012

Grasshopper Pie

I consider Grasshopper Pie to be a very stylish Summer Dessert!Not because it comes from Nigella's repertoire !Its the beautiful mint color which looks quite refreshing and which definitely caught my attention !The mint liqueur  adds some character to this lovely lovely dessert and of course there is a good measure of chocolate in it!!!!!

One dessert which I will surely recommend to all to try at least once!!!!!!!!!!!

Minimally adapted from here
I made individual servings,  4 inch tart pans and it made a cool 6 tarts!

300g Bourbon Biscuits( a few extra to munch while making it !!!)
50g chopped chocolate - it holds the delicate crust well!
50g Butter

150g Marshmallows.. Please use white ones.
125 ml Milk
60 ml Creme de Menthe.. can use Mint extract if liqueur is not available.
60 ml Creme de Cacao. I skipped this since I had brown chocolate liqueur.
375 ml cream
A few drops of green food coloring
25cm tart pan or you can use smaller pans of 4in,6 in number.


375 ml Cream..

In a mixer,process all biscuits except 1-2 with chocolate till it looks like crumb mixture and then add butter and continue to process till it clumps together.

With your hands ,press the mixture into tart pans to make a smooth crust.Put it into the fridge to harden the crust.

In a pan, melt marshmallows with milk on low heat till it foams up.Remove from heat and keep stirring till marshmallows blend with milk.

Put this mixture in a bowl to cool.And add both liqueurs if using.

Meanwhile whip the cream till it holds soft peaks.Add cooled mixture of marshmallows and milk.This filling will be soft and thick .Pour it on the crust,spread it with a spoon or spatula to all the sides of the crust.Chill it in the fridge overnight or minimum of 4 hours.

Enjoy this super yum dessert after crushing remaining biscuits on top!I used chocolate shavings on it!!!!

Optional..whip remaining cream and spoon on top of the pie.


  1. How very intriguing. Love the name and the connect. Must have been a delicious pie!

  2. Yes Deeba!Its a lovely creamy minty pie!!