Monday, 6 February 2012

White Wine Gelee with Maraschino Cherries

I was thrilled to be included in The Foodie Blog Roll and wanted to celebrate it!Popping a bublee??.....nahhhh ....Well it meant to sit alone and enjoy...Instead I decided to make something with  wine and I lurvve white wine!!!!!!!!!!

This dessert is quite simple to make and can be made ahead and kept in refrigeration for about 4-5 days.And  I must acknowledge its one of the most stylish desserts that I have ever made!Its an ideal dessert for Valentines as well!

Adapted from here 

It serves 2

1/2 C cold water
190 ml white wine
50g sugar
4g gelatin
Lemon juice 1 tsp
Maraschino Cherries- 5-6

To make gelee,pour 1/4 cup of water in a large bowl ,sprinkle gelatin and allow it to soften for a few mins.

In a pan, warm remaining water and sugar,stir till sugar is dissolved.Pour this warm syrup over gelatin and stir till it gets dissolved.It will foam up a bit!Thats why a large bowl! Add white wine and lemon juice and pour this mix over cherries in wine glasses or goblets and refrigerate for about 4 hours.

The cherries can either be put after the gelee is partially set,say after 2 hours or so or make layers of set gelee,fruit and top up with some more gelee.

Maraschino cherries in syrup

Variation:Any fruit can be added like peaches,pomegranate,cherries,oranges or citrus peel.

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